.01 Prologue


This isn't a tale of a heroic uprising, or a tale of legendary love conquering all odds. It's definitely not a tale of a world-renowned prodigy or a mystic healer of old.

This isn't even a tale, I suppose.
More of a modest (hopefully) telling of my own self-discovery, shared in the hopes that maybe even one person is inspired to follow their heart and pursue their dreams.

One of my projects of 2017 is to write this blog, and post at least 1 entry every day. Anything from Travel notes, photography, art journaling, and personal stories. My hope is that anyone reading finds inspiration to follow their passions and achieve their dream, whatever it is!


A couple of things first:

1. I'm not a professional writer. In fact, it has taken me over an hour to write this dang intro. 
I'm an artist, observer, and dreamer. I'm sure half of what I write will be cliche or break some kind of writing rules. I may even regret telling some of it. But I'm going to try!

2. I am agnostic, but consider myself spiritual. I read people's energies, and I speak openly from my heart. These things influence how I communicate, so occasionally my writing might seem a little bit like a hippy who is higher than a kite got a hold of a laptop. Honestly, I just want to express things how I experience them, and I usually don't filter everything to sound "professional."

I've realized that my greatest joy is being immersed in nature, and painting the beautiful world we live in - both real and imagined. It's an interesting mix though. To be lost in the wilderness, hiking through miles of forest, coming upon a 40 foot waterfall, watching the sun filtering through the surrounding trees, highlighting the cool blue water below as it flows past. Then to go home and paint the scene in front of hundreds of people on my Twitch channel, answering questions, sharing stories, technique, and inspiration. It's like a social feast-or-famine lifestyle (and I usually prefer famine).

Even though I've never shown a single piece of art in a gallery, I've discovered that there are ways for people like me - introverted, socially anxious but extremely passionate - to share my vision, be part of a community, and make a living through my art. 

I know I live in an incredible time. The technology that is available to artists today, to share our process and experiences with others, is at a new level. I can share the painting process, live, through a website, on which someone who lives thousands of miles away can log in and ask questions and witness the creative process.
This website I'm speaking of Twitch Creative. But we'll get to that in a later post.

So, I hope there's something you take away from my story. I will continue to share it as best as I can! Along the way, if anyone out there has any questions, please don't hesitate to comment or message me. I would like to be transparent and as helpful as possible!

.002 The Lore

There's always a lore, or history, in every story. How else are you, the reader, meant to invest in the characters or plot? What makes you care?

When I think about my own history, I tend to break it up into chapters to easily keep things straight. I think many of us do this, even if we all don't label it as "chapters."

Although it may shift as time goes on, these are generally how I see my chapters.

Chapter 1: Ages 1-15, from which I remember almost nothing, but I'm sure many important and wonderful things happened. I have vague memories of playing sports, drawing, and playing outside. I grew up between Colorado, Massachusetts, and Syracuse, New York. 

Chapter 2: Ages 15-18, high school in America. You've seen Saved by the Bell, 90210, and all the movies depicting high school in the 90's? Yea.. it's not that far off. 

Chapter 3: College, or more specifically, Art School. Followed by my second degree in Interior Design.

Chapter 4: Real jobs and Marriage

Chapter 5: Twitch, Self Employment, and Self Discovery

Chapter 6: Divorce

Chapter 7: Self-sufficiency (now)

And that leads us here. A 31 year old artist currently traveling the world.

I won't be going into all of my personal details but I will share what I feel are the important pieces I've made sense of, and I what I think may inspire others. I will try to explain how I made this dream come true.
As I write this, I am sitting in my studio in Scotland. My second trip to Europe within the same year, only this time it's long-term. 

If it's one thing I know, it's that the important moments are happening right now, and with time and experience, we gain the wisdom to understand them.

Tomorrow, I'll begin the new year with a post explaining how I got here, to be a full-time artist, living her dream.

If anyone reading this wants to discuss a certain topic or has any questions, please leave a comment or message me!