022. Twitch Story: My Angel Investor

Sometimes, life throws you a curveball. Sometimes, life kicks you in the teeth. Sometimes life can just be a complete asshole.

And sometimes, once in a great while, life hands you rose.

Today I want to talk about something that happened to me early on during my twitch career (5 months after I started to stream). I had quit my job at the end of May 2015, and was streaming and making art full time. I had been going through some health problems. My car had just been stolen. So many things were happening in my life. My stream was very much my safe haven, and painting was my therapy. All I wanted (and still want) is to inspire others to create. To do what they love and live out their dreams.

One day in June, while streaming the creation of a personal painting project, a gentleman who goes by Bobo1511, began watching my stream and hanging out in chat.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Bobo sends me $1,000.
Nope... can't be real. Shock and awe.
Then $1500.
Still in disbelief. How do I thank this amazing person? 
Then $1000. Complete breakdown. Trying to stay professional and focused just became impossible!

I had never experienced such spontaneous generosity from a stranger before. I was completely stunned by his random act of kindness. 

I even tried to send him something in return, and he insisted on paying it forward to send a painting to his friend who loved my work.

I'm not telling this story to just glorify anyone. I'm telling this story, because it shows there are amazingly kind and generous people in the world who expect nothing in return. 

I also want to make a point.
If you walk through life with a cynical outlook, cynicism will show itself. 
I'm not saying "if you think happy thoughts, only good things will happen to you."
But if you send out those positive vibes, they WILL come back to you in some way. If you live with a grateful heart, a desire to spread love, and a joy in inspiring others, your life will not only be richer, but you never know what positive energy will come back to you.

Surround yourself with like-minded people. Grow your network of love. Remain humble, and share what has been shared with you.