043. Twitch Story: RIP Laptop

Having a sense of humor is the only way to survive in this world if you're accident prone.

Today I'm sharing a blooper that happened during one of my streams. Something that, at the time, was the absolute worst possible thing that could happen.

It was horrible. 
In every way.

I literally cringe when I watch this video.

Since then, I've learned my lesson. 

  1. Don't use a pint glass for paint water. It's unstable when you're brushes are in it.
  2. Don't keep open glasses/jars of water near laptop/computer, even for ONE MINUTE.
  3. Elevate laptop at least 1" above desk surface.
  4. If you spill water directly on your laptop (on keyboard) IMMEDIATELY TURN IT OFF AND PUT IT UPSIDEDOWN IN A TUB OF RICE.

At the time, my regular streaming PC was in the shop for repairs, so this laptop was the only thing that I could use to stream.
After this accident happened, I did not have a computer, and I was offline for 2 weeks.
This is devastating when your livelihood depends on the internet!

So, be smarter than me.