Weekly Live Art Streams

What are live streams? It’s kind of like Youtube Live, except it’s over at Twitch.tv/SarahBurnsStudio

Why Twitch? Twitch is a website for gamers, artists, chefs, musicians, and everyone else! It provides a live-streaming platform for people who love to share what they do and connect with other passionate people in their field.

Why should I watch? You should only watch if you are interested in the behind-the-scenes process of painting. I often talk through my techniques and choices as well as share thoughts on art and life!

Note: When Sarah is not live, she hosts other artist channels.
If you can’t find Sarah, check the schedule below to see when she will be online next!


Typically Monday / Wednesday / Friday
Starting at 2pm GMT (9am EST).
Streams usually last 4 hours.

Visit Twitch.tv/SarahBurnsStudio for live art streams where you can ask questions, watch the process, and chill out with Sarah and her community!

Sarah has been a Partnered Streamer on Twitch.tv since September 15, 2015.
(Previous twitch name: zLadyLuthien - it changed April 1, 2019)