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Artist Statement

Imagination - the intangible - the unknown - plays a large role in my work, and often emerges through ethereal and dramatic atmospheres. I frequently find myself blurring the lines between fine art and illustration, painting that which is known but also mysterious. My ultimate goal is to ignite a sense of wonder in the viewer and send them deep into nature.

Through painting I have found a way to directly communicate the raw energy I feel in the wild places and share it with the world. I am constantly in pursuit of a deeper connection to nature and I enjoy sharing that passion with others.

My primary tools are canvas, paper, oil, watercolor, brushes, and palette knives. I enjoy the rich textural element of impasto oil painting, and the loose, spontaneous flow of watercolor. Both serve as my language for expressing the raw elements of the Scottish Highlands which has become my primary focus.


2018 Nairn Books and Arts Festival Exhibition.

2019 Work currently on display in the Bealach Gallery.

Most of my work comes from private art and illustration commissions. Please message me for a visual resume of my commissions.

Member of the Society of Scottish Artists

Bachelors in Fine Arts // Alfred University: School of Art and Design, New York // 2003-2007 // Cum Laude

Bachelors in Interior Design with an Emphasis in Sustainability // RMCAD, Colorado // 2007-2010 // Valedictorian


After receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts in New York in 2007, Sarah moved to Colorado to pursue a degree in Sustainable Interior Design. After graduating, she worked in the design industry for five years while at the same time building her own photography business. In 2015 she quit her design job and started doing photography full-time, while also learning how to paint in her free time.

Since then, painting has grown to be her greatest passion and is now her full-time job. Through the power of social media and word of mouth, Sarah’s business has grown and her collectors span the globe.

Sarah emigrated to Scotland in 2017 from Colorado, where she now lives with her husband and cat near Inverness.

She continues building her skills and portfolio while teaching and selling artwork online.

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