(Note: previous twitch name was zLadyLuthien

(Note: previous twitch name was zLadyLuthien

What Are Paintalongs? Once a month, I host a live free paintalong tutorial on my Twitch channel here: Twitch.tv/SarahBurnsStudio
I walk viewers through a painting from start to finish. Viewers paint along with me while I explain things!
I cover a variety of subjects, mediums and techniques. After the tutorial, I edit and upload the full-length tutorial, which become exclusively available to my Patreons.

When is the next Paintalong? Sept 14 (6pm in the UK)

Can anyone join in? YES! I cater my tutorials towards beginners, so even if you've never painted before, I think you will enjoy it!

How many Paintalongs have you taught? So far I've completed over 30 Paintalongs! See some of the results below.

Where can I watch the previous Paintalong tutorials? Did you miss the live Paintalong? You can still access them here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/all-paintalong-11621439 

Results from Previous Paintalongs: