003. Door Photography

Some of my friends and family have known for a while that I harbor a desperate love for door photography.

I'm often stopped in my tracks by a perfectly symmetrical facade, or a century-old stone entry covered in vines, or the occasional old rusty door, hanging crooked on it's hinges on an otherwise pristine building.  

There's something I love about the geometry, the sudden awareness of the built environment, an everyday object that is often taken for granted, being placed on display as an object of beauty.
Perhaps also the concept of "threshold" plays a role here. To cross through the doorway is to enter a story - to embrace what is within, leaving the outside world behind. 

These are some of my favorite door images that I captured in 2016 in Scotland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. I love them all for different reasons. Maybe next time you walk down the street, you'll look beyond your feet and find an incredible specimin!