044. Paintalong #8 Results!

Every time I do another Paintalong, I go through such a rollercoaster of emotions!

I'm extremely nervous beforehand, mainly because I suffer from performance anxiety.
During, I'm incredibly focused and turn into a "teacher" - which I have no background in, but people tell me I'm good at it.
After, I'm super inspired, relieved, and feel a swell of pride when I see what my participants created!

Saturday's Paintalong, which was the 8th time, was no exception! This was one of the highest-attended sessions. More than 15 people participated, and 14 of those sent me their results.


I teach these watercolor tutorials live on my Twitch channel once a month. They are free and open to anyone! Most people who paint along are complete beginners.

These happen because of my Patreons! Each month we meet the milestone goal, we do the Paintalongs. I'm so thankful for the support, this is one way I give back.

If you'd like to watch any of the 8 watercolor tutorials, become a Patreon of $5 or higher and you'll get instant access!

Paintalong #1: Forest Light (warm colors) 

Paintalong #2: Seascape and Clouds

Paintalong #3: Mountain Lake 

Paintalong #4: Forest and Creek 

Paintalong #5: Seascape Sunset

Paintalong #6: Viewer Requests (4 paintings) 

Paintalong #7: Mountains and Clouds 

Paintalong #8: Forest Light (cool colors)