049. Photo Essay: Berlin

Today I'm going to share images of my trip to Berlin! 
The one thing that stood out to me the most in Berlin was the stark contrast between "new and old." The city is filled with relics of the past, in architecture and monuments, yet there is a contemporary city sprouting up. There was a lot of construction when I was there (March 2016), many new skyscrapers being built.
A friend of mine lives there and took me on a walking tour of downtown Berlin, offering local insights. 
Unfortunately I was sick with Bronchitis while I was there so I had to take it a little easy.

Out of all the European cities I've visited, Berlin was the cleanest, most well organized and labeled. It wasn't overly crowded (in fact, it kind of felt empty at times, probably because it was winter).

There's so much history to discover there, and I felt very introspective while walking around.

Cool fact: the Berlin Wall is obviously gone, but they kept a few "pieces" in tact. They also left the original brick foundations in tact, which cut through the new roads and sidewalks like a vein.