056. Photo Essay: Isle of Skye, Scotland Part 2

The following images were from my second trip to Skye in the fall of 2016. 

As I mentioned yesterday in Part 1, my love for this island is boundless. The incredible diversity of Skye incites curiosity and adventure.

During this trip, we had a couple nights of camping, and we also stayed at a friend's self-catering home while they visited (perfect timing). It was so much fun to share this beautiful island with good friends.

It couldn't have been better - staring out over the Loch as the sun set, curled up with a glass of wine and some sticky toffee pudding (the national desert of Scotland). Waking up to a beautiful sunny morning, sitting in the observatory and painting the coast.

Photo courtesy of my friend Rich.

That is my heaven.

Since I have discovered my love for watercolors, I've had so much fun going on hikes and painting the scenery! You'll see lots of my paintings mixed in below.

Most of these images were captured on my Canon 7D, some of them are from my LG G4.