038. On Originality

They say there are no original ideas left.

Everything thought of and created is an evolution of something that was already thought of or created.

So as artists, how are we meant to make an impression in an already impressed world?

Our art is only limited to what we can imagine. Our technique and skill will catch up with practice, so focusing on building our internal library and expanding our minds becomes critical.

Never stop looking.

Look at other art. 
Look at buildings.
Look at clouds.
Look at animals and people and cars and inventions and sex and fire and everything you can.

As someone interested in not only landscape/environment art, but fantasy concepts, I am constantly seeking more visual stimuli. Movies, anime, books, art. Everything I can get my "hands" on.

Abstract experiments. Acrylic on canvas.

I have a story inside me. I doubt it's original. But the way I tell it will be. 
We each have a unique voice. Our words and art pass through our internal filters which are products of our experiences.

So go experience.


With many thousands of years of human lives lived, and now over 7 billion people on the planet, it may seem daunting to be original.

And maybe you'll never be completely original. 

And maybe that's OK.

Instead of obsessing over that, focus on what inspires you to create. Have experiences.
Create. Never stop creating. Share your unique voice, in whatever way feels right to you.
Find your bliss, and create things that are truly meaningful to you.

Along the way, you may just do something original.