040. Photo Essay: Stockholm, Sweden Part One: The New City and Surrounding Area

There's so much to share about Stockholm and the nearby areas that I need to split this post into two parts. Today, I'll share photos and experiences about the "newer" part of Stockholm (which is still really old) and the countryside. Tomorrow: Part Two, 24 Hours in Gamla Stan, the "old city!"

Even in winter the countryside is gorgeous. There's a stark, quiet beauty to it (I love black and white film, and those things go hand in hand!)

Stockholm was one of those places that I had always dreamed of visiting. Any photos I saw of the city were so enchanting and inviting. Last March I had the chance to pass through during my travels, and I was not disappointed. 
I got to meet up with a good friend, who was gracious enough to give me a tour of the city (new and old) and even let me borrow his jacket when it randomly started to snow on us! 

I was staying at his house, just outside the city, so we also had a chance to explore the countryside.

Here are some of my favorite images from the trip that I think capture its personality.

I'm not much of a museum lover, but there is one experience you CAN'T miss in Stockholm. That's the Vasa Museum.

It contains the oldest preserved Viking ship in the world. It's worth the $15 entry fee.
You can't understand the scale of this ship until you're standing next to it!

Bottom left: tiny people ants for scale.

A "miniature" replica of the ship (actual ship shown behind it).

A "miniature" replica of the ship (actual ship shown behind it).

The detailing and craftsmanship is stunning.

The countryside around Stockholm is dotted with ancient Rune Stones. They were originally used as Viking memorial markers (not burial sites though). They've since been preserved and "labelled" - usually there's a little sign next to them (in Swedish).

There's so much incredibly rich culture to explore in Sweden. Having only a few days there is difficult, especially in winter. But even then, you can see a ton just by driving or walking around!

Tomorrow: Party Two, 24 hours in Gamla Stan!